About HPHA

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Aloha and Welcome!

The Hawai`i Public Housing Authority helps provide Hawai`i residents with affordable housing and shelter without discrimination. HPHA efforts focus on developing affordable rental and supportive housing, public housing and the efficient and fair delivery of housing services to the people of Hawai`i.

A Long History

In 1935 the Hawai`i Housing Authority (HHA) was created by the Territorial Legislature to provide safe and sanitary housing for low-income residents of Hawai`i.

By 1951, the HHA was Hawai`i’s largest rental agency. Throughout the 1950’s, Oahu experienced unprecedented economic growth with development spreading in the windward and leeward areas. By the end of the decade, HHA had completed eight new developments which provided 1,752 new units for Hawai`i’s families.

By the mid-60’s, the HHA had responded to the changes in the housing market and opened housing projects designed for the special economic, social and physical needs of Hawai`i’s senior citizens.

1970 saw the State Legislature broadened HHA’s duties by enacting Act 105 which permitted the state to raise $100 million to build low and moderate income housing.

Our Core Function

Throughout the years the name and role of this department changed numerous times until 2005, when the Hawai`i Public Housing Authority (HPHA) with its core function was to manage federal and state public housing programs, including Section 8 and senior housing. The HPHA is managing more than $150M in ongoing design and construction projects for its aging inventory.

At the Hawai`i Public Housing Authority, we have renewed our focus and commitment to providing the best possible service to the public. For more information, please visit our website by clicking here.