Engaging the Public

The Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA), Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF), and the planning team are committed to an authentic process that engages with the community as co-designers of the School Street Redevelopment project.

Members of the Hawaiian Public Housing Authority (HPHA) and Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF) have been conducting community meetings over the course of the past year, to get feedback from the neighborhood on what they would like to see in the way of affordable senior housing in their community.

The first meeting was held on October 12, 2016, at HPHA’s office on North School Street.
Click here to see the notes from that meeting.

On November 29th, a second community meeting was held at HPHA’s offices on North School Street with a follow-up workshop held at the Lanakila Senior Center on November 30th.
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Collaborating With the Community

The Oxford English dictionary defines the word Charrette as meaning . . . “a public meeting or workshop devoted to a concerted effort to solve a problem or plan the design of something.

HPHA and RHF convened a five-day charrette process from Thursday, January 26 through Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

Over a hundred neighborhood residents and other community stakeholders participated during this time. On the first two days of the charrette, the planning team shared four master planning concepts for stakeholders to comment on and rank. The team used these comments to develop a synthesized concept on which they gathered more comments during the final days of the charrette.

During this time, 2 workshops were held at the HPHA offices and 2 similar ones at the Lanakila senior center. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday also included a full-day open house for residents to discuss the project with the project team.

Click here to see the notes from this five-day process.